Simplified Credentialing for Complex Industries

ArchiveCore reduces administrative delays in credentialing so that health care professionals can provide patient care for your system faster.

The Current Credentialing Process Is Inefficient

The traditional credentialing process typically takes 90-120 days. Each day that a physician sits on the sidelines due to administrative delays, health care systems sacrifice $7,000-$10,000 in potential revenue.

With ArchiveCore, your team can verify primary source records in minutes so you can fill positions and onboard new hires faster.

Save Time With Best-Practice Document Management

Most teams are struggling to do more work with fewer resources. They don’t have time to search for missing records or wait by the fax machine each time someone requests documents for a potential new hire. 

ArchiveCore’s best-practice document management system for training programs saves time and decreases frustration for your staff. They can locate records quickly and send them to a requesting facility with just a few clicks.


Transfer and Receive Documents Quickly and Securely

ArchiveCore requires no integration into your legacy systems. Credentialing specialists simply log in through our secure portal and download records within minutes.

Verify Primary Source Records in Minutes

With ArchiveCore credentialing software, all documents are registered to the blockchain, creating digital fingerprints of authenticity.  The credentialing specialist then verifies each document’s origin using this digital fingerprint. Documents can be verified in seconds rather than in weeks.

Step 1

Healthcare professional completes application


Step 2

Application is reveiwed


Primary Source Verification

→ Receive documents instantly via secure portal

→ Verify documents within minutes using digital fingerprint directly from the primary source.


Step 4

Credentialing committee review and board approval



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